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Product displays

Display products in a unique way and provide customers with numerous options to view their desired products. Providing multiple views will boost conversion rates. Merchants can reduce customer doubt by putting them at ease with zoom in features and multiple product views.


All features of product displays


Display Available Quantities

Want to let customers know you only have two items in-stock for a specific product? PrestaShop allows you to display when products are almost sold out or you can choose to keep a running total of the amount in-stock at all times. As products are purchased the in-stock quantity reduces in the product description page. Displaying the product amount creates urgency for customers to purchase items with low stock.

Offer Multiple Images
of Each Product

You probably have a variety of great photos to display to interested customers. PrestaShop allows you to place as many product photos as you like. Great photos help customers make decisions and allow you to show all angles of a product. Offering numerous photos increases conversion rates and keeps customers “out of the dark.”



Zoom in on Products

The Zoom In feature gives shoppers more insight on what they are purchasing. Zoom in allows customers to mouse over a product and magnify the area to get a closer look. This feature works great for accessories, tools, and apparel. Simply upload high resolution photos and enable the feature.

Related Products

Displaying related products is a wonderful tool to “up-sell” customers while they browse a product’s page or during the final checkout. This feature allows you to choose which products are related and display them to your customers. For example, there may be an alternative model to a dish washer or great accessories to go with a dress, the Related Products feature will display the alternatives beneath the product description.



Add to a Wishlist

Wish lists are a wonderful feature that allows shoppers to create lists for future purchases. Shoppers may love a product out-of-stock or want to save an item to purchase during a special holiday. Wish lists let customers keep products saved. You can also send automated e-mails to remind customers about their wish list or send notifications that a product is now available to buy.